This project will help the youth with disabilities, children and education through sport, outdoor activities and art.

Volunteers will be in Portugal with us for 6 months.

Volunteers will live in a shared house, customized for themselves, in a residential and collaborate in various initiatives of the "Associação Teatro Construção" with more focus on people with disabilities, children and also elderly.

Assist in the daily routines of hygiene, nutrition, collaborate on arts activities, sports activities and physical education, help with occupational therapy, will be the tasks of the volunteers. All volunteers will also Portuguese classes to improve their language skills but also to promote dialogue with our employees and users. All volunteers will also be free (and this initiative will be encouraged) to propose new activities. It will also be asked to volunteer to collaborate in promoting the program to local youth groups.

Will be integrated into the dynamics of Associação Teatro Construção and so this is the best way they can share their culture, giving and receiving, promoting intercultural dialogue.

This is a wonderful opportunity to learn for volunteers and for our organization and the people we serve every day and that the volunteers have the opportunity to meet and help.

Together we will do it.