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Party of Sao Martinho

Every celebrate is a good opportunity to meet with your friends and your family. And during Magushta in Casa de Giestais there was very warm and family atmosphere. We just had fun and eaten castanias: kids told me about history of Magushta, we was dancing and played with each other. So, my portugese language become better with help of kids from Giestais!

And it was really nice to see our old ladies from Giestais in spectacle about Sao Martinho history. We know that participate in actions like this is hard for them. But they are great actress and we are proud of them! Anyway they had a good emotions during the preparation of spectacle and this is most important thing!

Also Magushta reminded me about Russian tradition: every year on last weekends in February we goodbying with winter (beginning of spring and warm time of the year – it's a happyness for Russians!). We make the pancakes, which symbolize the sun and have a big fire too because we burn the effigy which symbolize winter.


During the party of sao martinho everybody were invited to participate and enjoy together !

On Friday parents and kids were invited by ATC to the kindergarden.

I was very happy to participate with teachers in a little piece of theatre which was created as a surprise for children !

After this little show, all the people were invited to sing and walk around a big fire and to eat « castanhas ». Then, they use the ash to paint the faces of someone!!!

On Saturday we had a party with teenagers in casa de Giestais. Their parents were also invited to participate. These moments were so funny, we enjoyed to dance, sing and communicate with teenagers !!!

On Monday it was the last « festa » with old people ! During the party they prepared a piece of theatre and kids of kindergarden were invited to see the show. I liked very mush this afternoon because they are so funny !

Again we were painting our faces with ash and we were eating a lot !!!! I think in Portugal the food is very important.

I have never seen the party with traditional fire ! In France the typical parties like these are not very popular.I'm very surprised to see everybody sharing all these moments because they were enjoying all together : children, teenagers, adults and old people...

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